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UK Files Complaint Against Iran... 01/10/1951 History, #AIPAC, #Britain, #Iran, #Iranian, #Mosaddegh, #New_York, #UK, #UNSC

The UNSC receives a complaint filed by the UK against Iran after a brief meeting. Britain was using every possible means to counter a the nationalization of petroleum industry in Iran, a movement that could mark the end of colonial era in Iran. The Iranian government called this action outside of the context of UNSC, however PM Dr. Mosaddegh personally travelled to New York to defend Iran's rights. He arrived in New York on Oct, 7 and was greeted by many supporters of the Iranian cause. The U.S., at that time was not yet totally consumed by the AIPAC lobby. Mosaddegh made his great historical speech at the UNSC three days later, that can be used as a case study for all developing nations that seek to break free from imperialism....

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