Tehran-Tabriz Postal Services

Tehran-Tabriz Postal Services...
1host2u.ir 13/02/1876 History

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Centuries after Dariush The Great created world's first Chapar System, Naseroddin Shah found out in a trip to Europe that postal services might be of some benefit. Nevertheless, the first Qajar postal courier departed from Tehran on Monday, Feb, 14, 1876, at around 6 o'clock in the afternoon towards Tabriz and Jolfa.
Four months later, on June, 11, Tehran's regular Chapar services started operating. The courier travelled each day to Saltanatabad and Niyavaran, touring around a few villages in Shemiran before returning to Tajrish, Gholhak and Zargandeh. The fare was 100 Dinars for packages up to 10 Mesghals (approx. 44 gr). They charged 10 Shahi for packages up to 100 Mesghals (437.5 gr) The post did not accept packages that weighed more than 150 Mesghals (656 gr) Special stamps were sold in designated shops across the city.
Iranian ring of roads, caravansarays and Chapar System became perfectly operational during Shah Abbas Safavi's reign, however after several invasions by Aniranian nomadic tribes whose best skills were massacre, theft, plunder and destruction, Iran was left with no choice but backward Qajar Dynasty....

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