Negareh: Perspolis Xerxes Greeting Ceremony.jpg

Negareh: Perspolis Xerxes Greeting Ceremony.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media, #Achaemenid, #Apadana, #Crown_Prince, #Jamshid, #Negareh, #Parseh, #Perspolis, #Takht-e_Jamshid, #Xerxes

Embossed figues show a Greeting Ceremony in Perspolis where Xerxes is holding a lotus, behind him the Crown Prince holds a Nymphaea flower, behind them stand the ceremonial guards.This artwork was originally located in the middle of the Apadana stairway. -Keywords: Perspolis , Xerxes , Greeting , Ceremony , Achaemenid , Embossed , Crown Prince , Takht-e Jamshid , Parseh...

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