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First Constitutional Monarchy In Iran... 01/03/173BC History
The sixth Parthian king Mehrdad I ordered codification of a general constitution against which all citizens were to know their rights and responsibili...View Details»

Karim Khan Zand Dies... 01/03/1779 History
Karim Khan Zand is known to be the best ruler in Iran since the invasion of Arabs. He was a high ranking officer in Nader Shah's army. After the assas...View Details»

CIA Director Ambassador To Tehran... 01/03/1973 History
President Richard Nixon of the US named former CIA Director Richard Helms as Ambassador to Tehran. At a formal dinner party with Iranian Prime Ministe...View Details»

TEHRAN, Iran: Iran offers to protect Iraqi artifacts after militant at... 01/03/2015 History
The Associated PressFebruary 28, 2015 TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has offered to safeguard potentially at-risk Iraqi artifacts after a video released by the ...View Details»