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Orodes II Descends The Parthian Throne... 02/06/36BC History
Shortly after his son Pacor was killed during Iranian wars in West Asia, Ord 2. voluntarily descended the Parthian throne and appointed Farhad 4.(Phra...View Details»

Iran/Ottomans Sign Erzurum Treaty... 02/06/1847 History
The Treaty of Erzurum was indeed a set of two treaties in 1823 and 1847 that settled boundary disputes between the Ottoman Empire and Iran. Although t...View Details»

Shah Visits Germany: Student Shot Dead... 02/06/1967 History
On June, 2, 1967 Mohammad Reza Shah visited West Berlin. The first days of his visit to West Germany went as planned. Shah was received by the politi...View Details»

50 years ago: How the Shah of Iran′s visit impacted German history ... 02/06/1967 History
On June 2, 1967, student Benno Ohnesorg was killed during protests against the visit of the Iranian Shah. Historian Eckard Michels analyzed the events...View Details»

American Colonel Assassinated In Tehran... 02/06/1972 History
American Lieutenant Colonel Lewis Lee Hawkins who was attached to the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group to the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces in ...View Details»

Islamic Republic Party Dissolved... 02/06/1987 History
Nine years after its formation, the Islamic Republic Party of Iran was dissolved. Founded by clerics close to Khomeini, including Bahonar, Khamenei, R...View Details»

Dust Storm Kills 5 in Tehran ... 02/06/2014 History
A massive dust storm took place in Tehran on June 2, 2014 at 4:50pm (local time). 5 men were killed, more than 30 people were injured, and a few cars ...View Details»

First Beauty Queen Of The World And Iran In 1896 ... 02/06/2018 History
Despite the fact that every year the most beautiful woman is chosen as a beauty queen, some beautiful queens are still among the most beautiful after ...View Details»