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Shapour 2. Gives A Last Ultimatum To Romans... 03/12/359 History
After seizing Amida, Shapour 2 sent a warning letter to the Roman Constantinus to retreat from Iranian territories immediately so that situation would...View Details»

Islamic Republic Constitution Approved... 03/12/1979 History
On June 18, 1979, the Freedom Movement released its draft constitution for the Islamic Republic that it had been working on since Imam Khomeini was in...View Details»

Capture of Saddam Hussein / Operation Red Dawn ... 03/12/2003 History
Operation Red Dawn was an American military operation conducted on 13 December 2003 in the town of ad-Dawr, Iraq, near Tikrit, that led to the capture...View Details»

Shell 'art' made 300,000 years before humans evolved - life ... 03/12/2014 History
03 December 2014 by Catherine Brahic A shell etched by Homo erectus is by far the oldest engraving ever found, challenging what we know about the orig...View Details»

Historical Photos of Persia Through the Eyes of a Shah - The New York ... 03/12/2015 History
By HOLLAND COTTERDEC. 2, 2015 In 1844, the 13-year-old heir apparent to the Qajar dynasty throne in Persia had his first portrait photograph taken by...View Details»

Iranian cultural exhibits on display at Heritage Museum... 03/12/2016 History
By Asma Kundi ISLAMABAD: A redesigned and improved Iranian Cultural Link Passage in the Heritage Museum of Lok Virsa opened its door to public on Fri...View Details»