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Umayyad Caliphate Defeated at The Battle of Khazir ... 06/08/686 History
The Battle of Khazir (Arabic: يوم الخازر‎, romanized: Yawm Khāzir) took place in August 686 near the Khazir River in Mosul's eastern environs, in mode...View Details»

Armenia Declares Independence... 06/08/885 History
After the fall of the Sassanid Empire and during a weak period in Constantinople, Armenians who lived in a vast area including Caucasia and modern Tur...View Details»

Amro Leis Saffari Starves In Prison... 06/08/901 History
After Yaghub Leis Saffar died, his brother Amro Leis took his place. Unlike his brother, he decided to make peace with the Caliph but he was tricked, ...View Details»

Safavid Hossein Becomes King... 06/08/1694 History
Sultan Hossein, the eldest son of the deceased king Shah Soleyman was announced the new Safavid king. In his last will, Shah Soleyman who ruled the co...View Details»

Sultan Hossein Ascends The Throne... 06/08/1694 History
On his dead bed, Shah Soleyman asked the royal Safavi court to choose one of his two sons Hossein or Abbas as his successor. Hossein who had a reputat...View Details»

Nader Shah's Birthday... 06/08/1698 History
Nader Shah the great Iranian commander was born on Aug, 6, 1698 in Dastgerd of Khorasan province. He soon discovered a peculiar genius for military ex...View Details»

Martyrdom of Abbas Babaei Iranian pilot Brigadier General Islamic Repu... 06/08/1987 History
General Abbas Babaei was killed on July 4, 1987, while in the rear seat of a F-5B while over Iraqi air space. He was hit by a 23mm round. The pilot, M...View Details»

Shapour Bakhtiar Slain In France... 06/08/1991 History
Shapour Bakhtiar, Iran's last Prime Minister before the Islamic revolution of 1979, was found dead at his home outside Paris. His throat had been cut ...View Details»

Traces of an BMAC related culture near the town of Sankhast in North K... 06/08/2014 History
Traces of an international culture that is similar to the BMAC – the Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex – have been discovered during an archaeol...View Details»

Darius I stele found in southern Russia may become world sensation... 06/08/2016 History
Archeologists doing excavations in the area of the antique town of Phanagoria in the Temryuk district of Russia’s southern Krasnodar Territory have di...View Details»