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Heraclius Defeats The Iranian Army... 09/12/622 History
Bringing the True Cross from Jerusalem to Tisfun had made Christians angry. Roman emperor Heraclius used this occasion to use the gold in churches for...View Details»

Khazars Defeat the Caliph at The Battle of Ardabil ... 09/12/730 History
The Battle of Marj Ardabil or the Battle of Ardabil was a battle fought on the plains surrounding the city of Ardabil in northwestern Iran in AD 730. ...View Details»

Arab Caliph Appoints Iranian Vezir... 09/12/794 History
Harunolrashid, the Abbasi caliph appointed Yahya Barmaki as his Vezir. Knowing the complexities of ruling over a vast empire, Harunolrashid decided to...View Details»

Anglo-Persian Wars : Bushehr Resistance... 09/12/1856 History
After Iran claimed Herat, the British declared war on Iran on Nov,1, 1956 starting a war that lasted for 17 months. Instead of sending troops to Herat...View Details»

UN Recognizes Responsibility of Iran-Iraq War... 09/12/1991 History
(Urdu Movies) - On December 9, 1991, just three weeks before the end of his tenure, the former UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, submitted...View Details»