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Spartans Crushed At Thermopylae... 10/08/480BC History
After 3 days of intensive fight at a narrow pass along the coast called Thermopylae, Iranian mountain troops leaded by Hydarnes composed of 1,000 uni...View Details»

Last Battle Of Kharazmshah... 10/08/1230 History
Jalaladdin was the last ruler of the Kharazmian Dynasty trying to regain their lost glory after the Mongol invasion. After his defeat against the Mo...View Details»

Jalalabad Surrenders... 10/08/1738 History
After it was found out that the Indian court ruled by Mohammad Gurkani, did not refrain from supplying a safe heaven for the Afghan fugitives that wer...View Details»

Pars News Agency Founded... 10/08/1934 History
During a visit to Turkey, Reza Shah became interested in opening a similar institution to the Anatolia news agency. That's how Pars News Agency came t...View Details»

Toodeh Unrest In Azerbaijan... 10/08/1945 History
The Toodeh Party had lost popular ground among people, however the central government was very weak; Bayat's cabinet fell after 4 months in April, 194...View Details»

UN Resolution Registers "The Persian Gulf"... 10/08/1984 History
Following the resolution # UNAD Qen/311 on March, 5, 1971, the United Nations votes on a second resolution # UNLA 45-8-2 on Aug, 10, 1984 to register ...View Details»

2,700 ancient inscriptions translated... 10/08/2014 History
Abdolmajid Arfaei, an eminent Iranian researcher and specialist in ancient Akkadian and Elamite languages, has translated 2,700 ancient inscriptions. ...View Details»

40 People Die After Sepahan Airlines Flight 5915 Accident ... 10/08/2014 History
Sepahan Airlines Flight 5915 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Iranian capital Tehran Mehrabad International Airport to Tabas, South Khor...View Details»

Paleolithic Mirak points to life of Neanderthals in Iran ... 10/08/2015 History
News ID: 2879605 - Mon 10 August 2015 - 13:49 Culture SEMNAN, Aug. 10 (MNA) – Archaeological studies in the Paleolithic site of Mirak in Semnan point...View Details»

Why Is Modern Iran So Sensitive to Treason? Ancient History.... 10/08/2016 History
Most countries don’t tolerate traitors, but Iran is particularly sensitive. Akhi 18 By Akhilesh Pillalamarri August 09, 2016 Any country would be ...View Details»