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Habsburg-Persian Alliance Against Ottomans... 18/02/1529 History
(Wikipedia) - During the reign of the Iranian Shah Ismail, exchanges occurred between him and Charles V (Holy Roman Emperor), and Ludwig II of Hungary...View Details»

Jafar Khan Ascends The Throne... 18/02/1785 History
Jafar Khan Zand was a military man. After his father, Sadegh Khan was overthrown by Ali Morad Khan, he had to fight for four years before defeating Al...View Details»

Grounds For CENTO Treaty Provided... 18/02/1955 History
In the midst of a cold war between the east and west block, a military cooperation treaty between Iraq and Turkey was signed in Baghdad at the urging ...View Details»

Khosrow Golesorkhi Executed... 18/02/1974 History
Khosrow Golesorkhi and his comrade Keramat Daneshian were executed in Tehran to become one of the most unforgettable icons of the Iranian leftists. Kh...View Details»

320 Killed In Train Blast... 18/02/2004 History
A 51-car train rolled out of a switchyard and eventually reached a speed of more than 140 km/hr before it derailed, caught fire and exploded, killing ...View Details»

Russia Trains 600 Iranian Nuclear Experts... 18/02/2004 History
(AFP) Russia has trained 600 Iranian experts to work on the Islamic Republic's first nuclear power station, which Washington fears is being used to de...View Details»

Russia Backs Iran In Nuclear Row... 18/02/2005 History
(BBC) – On Feb, 18, 2005 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that recent moves by Iran have convinced him that Iran is not trying to build nuclear a...View Details»

Iran complying with nuke deal, UN likely to report - World - CBC News... 18/02/2014 News
Thomson Reuters Posted: Feb 17, 2014 A monthly update by the United Nations atomic watchdog is expected to show later this week that Iran is complying...View Details»

Find Bagpuss-a-like, Mojo the Persian cat, who disappeared from Elm Pa... 18/02/2014 Nature
Jane Ball, News Edtiro Tuesday, February 18, 201 Popular Persian cat Mojo, 12, who has 460 Instagram followers from around the world, disappeared from...View Details»

PARTYNEXTDOOR – Persian Rugs | New Music – 18/02/2014 Arts
The OVO representative known to the world as PARTYNEXTDOOR makes his way back to the game today. Today the singer/songwriter makes his return with a b...View Details»