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Xerxes' Alliance With Carthage... 19/10/480BC History
Xerxes signs an alliance with Carthage in order to create a barrier against the Greek and keep them busy in far away battles. The Anatolian cities of ...View Details»

Tirdad Visits Rome... 19/10/66 History
Tirdad was a Persian prince assigned as the ruler of Armenia that had angered the Romans leading to an 8 year long war. On this day, Tirdad enters Rom...View Details»

Iran Joins Point Four Program... 19/10/1950 History
The Point Four Program was a technical assistance program for "developing countries" announced by United States President Harry S. Truman in his inaug...View Details»

U.S. Attacks Iranian Oil Platforms... 19/10/1987 History
On Oct, 19, 1987, the U.S. navy attacked 3 Iranian oil platforms in Persian Gulf. In a statement made by the U.S. President Ronald Reagan, the move wa...View Details»

No Fuel For Iranian Planes In Europe... 19/10/2010 History
Iran confirmed that some companies at European airports were refusing to sell it fuel, and its flag carrier said planes were making unscheduled stops ...View Details»