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Ionian Greeks Defeated Off Lade... 20/10/494BC History
In summer of 498, Sardes, the capital of the Satrapy of Lydia, was destroyed by revolting Ionian Greeks. Datis, the same Median general who commanded ...View Details»

Iranian Victory at Battle of the Bridge ... 20/10/634 History
The Battle of the Bridge was fought between Arab Muslims led by Abu Ubaid Thaqfi, and the Persian Sasanian Empire forces led by Bahman Jaduya. It is t...View Details»

Ottomans Offer Peace... 20/10/1612 History
Peace came with Ottoman Empire Nov, 20, 1612 after Iranians took back much of the territory lost in 1590 according to the peace treaty of Istanbul. ...View Details»

Germany Diplomatic Representation In Iran... 20/10/1884 History
German foreign policy posits that its policy of constructive engagement is the most effective way to influence another country's behavior. Given this...View Details»