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Shah Ismail Defeats Ak Koyunlu Leader... 21/06/1503 History
While trying to beseige Darband in 1488, Sheikh Heydar (Shah Ismail's father), was killed by allied forces of the Shervanshah king Farrokh Yasar, and ...View Details»

Majlis Fourth Term Begins... 21/06/1921 History
After nearly six years, Majlis started its fourth term on June, 21, 1921. The bill requesting abolition of the 1919 treaty, signed between the Iranian...View Details»

Earthquake Devastates Gilan... 21/06/1990 History
A major earthquake jolted Gilan province north of Iran at 12:30 AM. Measured at 7.3 on the Richter Scale by Tehran University, combined with more than...View Details»

British Navy Violates Iranian Territory... 21/06/2004 History
(Wikipedia) – The 2004 Iranian seizure of British Navy personnel took place in the Arvand Rood (Shatt Al Arab) waterway on 21 June. Six British Marine...View Details»

BRAZIL BEAT: Argentina coach sees 'strong' Iran ... 21/06/2014 Sports
June 20, 2014 Associated Press BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil (AP) — Argentina is not just facing Iran's national football team, but its culture and war-torn...View Details»

Argentina v Iran betting tips - Persian Stars can upset the odds again... 21/06/2014 Sports
by Neil Roarty Follow @Neil Roarty Argentina are the shortest price of any side at the World Cup when they take on Iran on Saturday but they may not w...View Details»

Latest in Iraq; ISIS desert the battleground ... 21/06/2014 Military
TEHRAN, June 18 (MNA) – The latest news stories in Iraq report ISIS members have deserted the battleground in Diyala, Salahaddin, and Tal Afar. The g...View Details»

Iran, Powers make progress in drafting final nuclear deal ... 21/06/2014 Politics
VIENNA, June 21 (MNA) – Iran and Powers have ended an intense round of nuclear talks in Vienna on Friday after making good progress in the process of ...View Details»

Negareh: Tangeh Savashi Qajar Rock Relief ... 21/06/2014 Media
Tangeh Savashi or Tangeh Vashi is a gorge and mountain pass in the Alborz range of Iran. It is a popular tourist attraction in Tehran Province, 15 ki...View Details»

Happy Teergan: Iranians Celebrating Summer-Time ... 21/06/2014 Culture
Teergan is one of ancient Iranian Festivities. It is one of 12 monthly Iranian Feasts and one of Persian fire festivals.Besides the fourth month of th...View Details»