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Neishabour Becomes Capital... 21/08/441 History
After making a peace deal with the Romans, Yazdgerd 2 decided to announce the city of Neishabour which was founded by Shapour I, the new capital. Iran...View Details»

Iranian Ship Hijacked In Gulf Of Aden... 21/08/2008 History
(Wikipedia) - On August 21, 2008, MV Iran Deyanat, an Iranian ship, owned and operated by IRISL (The Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines) was hija...View Details»

Queiroz: I want to take Iran to the next level - 21/08/2013 News
Carlos Queiroz has already earned his place in the history books as the first Portuguese coach to have secured consecutive FIFA World Cup™ qualificati...View Details»

Pakistan Seizes 100 Tons Of Bomb-Making Equipment In Quetta - Carbonat... 21/08/2013 News
Security forces seized 100 tons of bomb-making material from Quetta, one of Pakistan's most violent cities, on Tuesday night, a security official sai...View Details»

Iranian Researchers Find Novel Method to Investigate DNA Degradation F... 21/08/2013 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology used a new technique to study radical groups involved in the chemical and biol...View Details»

Senior TIME Reporter Calls for Drone Strike on Wikileaks’ Assange - | ... 21/08/2013 News
By Anthony Gucciardi It’s essential to remember that this is the very same individual who wrote what very well may be among the most moronic and brain...View Details»

Britain Seeks to Renew Iran Sanctions After Supreme Court Rejection -... 21/08/2013 News
by Jason Ditz The British government says it is planning to find a new way to impose sanctions on Bank Mellat, a private Iranian bank, after the Briti...View Details»

Detention of Greenwald Partner in London Clearly Came on US Orders | T... 21/08/2013 News
by: Dave Lindorff It is becoming perfectly clear that the outrageous detention of American journalist Glenn Greenwald’s Brazilian partner David Mir...View Details»

Worse than Chernobyl: The inner threat of Fukushima crisis — RT Op-Edg... 21/08/2013 News
I recently pointed out, this operation has to go on forever - a long sickness, but at least not a sudden death. However, this week begins a new develo...View Details»

Fifth Security, Safety Expert Exhibition kicks off in Tehran - JamNews... 21/08/2013 News
The fifth edition of Expert Exhibition of Security and Safety Systems and Equipment has kicked off in the Iranian capital city of Tehran, Press TV h...View Details»