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Treaty of Akhal: Russian Annexation Of Khwarazm... 21/09/1881 History
Treaty of Akhal The Treaty of Akhal was a treaty signed by Persian Empire Iran and Imperial Russia on September 21, 1881. The treaty marked Persia'...View Details»

White Bridge of Ahvaz Completed... 21/09/1936 History
The Ahvaz Bridge later called the White Bridge was officially inaugurated on Sep, 21, 1936. Iran was at the age of infrastructural progress under the ...View Details»

Foroughi Becomes Prime Minister Again... 21/09/1941 History
After Mansour's resignation, Foroughi was appointed Prime Minister on Aug, 27, 1941. However, after Reza Shah resigned on Sep, 16th, he submitted his ...View Details»

U.S. Attacks Iranian Ship... 21/09/1987 History
In a clear move to protect Saddam's regime from losing the war, U.S. navy staged some attacks on Iranian oil platforms and ships in the Persian Gulf. ...View Details»