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Mazdak Announces His Socialism Doctrine... 21/11/488 History
Mazdak, son of Bamdad who was a Zoroastrian priest started preaching his doctrines also known as Mazdakism which is believed to be the first form of s...View Details»

Colonel Pesyan Takes Back Hamedan... 21/11/1915 History
Colonel Mohammad Taqi-Khan Pesyan (1892 - 3 October 1921) , born into an aristocratic family in Tabriz, was a popular military leader of Iran and beca...View Details»

Standard Oil Deal Approved... 21/11/1921 History
The Iranian parliament approved the bill which gave the American Standard Oil company the right to exploration of oil in north Iran in the area that i...View Details»

Iran may resume air traffic with US | Authint Mail... 21/11/2013 Fun
TEHRAN — Direct flights between the US and Iran could begin as early as ending December this years if talks between the two countries move in a ‘posit...View Details»

Iran window shops at airshow in hope of sanctions relief - Yahoo News... 21/11/2013 Fun
By Praveen Menon and Marcus George Related Stories Kerry meets Iran foreign minister to close gaps in nuclear talks Reuters Iran's Rouhani sa...View Details»

Kalam Polo Shirazi Persian dinner set to benefit Iranian student » Li... 21/11/2013 Cuisine
BY NANCY ALLEN Special to the Record-Eagle Traverse City Record-Eagle My immigrant mother taught me that there is no better way to enjoy life than...View Details»

Iran beats Brazil in Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup... 21/11/2013 Sports
Tehran, Nov 20, IRNA – Iran on Wednesday defeated Brazil in Group B of the 3rd Samsung Beach Soccer International Cup in Dubai, the United Arab Emira...View Details»

Sec. Kerry joins Iran nuclear talks in Vienna - 21/11/2014 News
The deadline to get a deal done in the Austrian capital is next Monday. By Matthew Lee and George Jahn, Associated Press NOVEMBER 20, 2014 VIENNA — U...View Details»

Author hopes her latest cookbook will demistify Persian Cuisine | Asia... 21/11/2014 Cuisine
*** Jemimah Steinfeld, Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival Manager, in conversation with Jila Dana-Haeri, author of 'From a Persian Kitche...View Details»

The Pretzel Logic of the Iranian Lobby on the Nuclear Deal – Iran Lobb... 21/11/2014 Politics
NOVEMBER 20, 2014 BY ADMIN With the deadline of November 24th fast approaching for the P5+1 negotiators to reach a deal with Iran over its nuclear we...View Details»