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Iran Asks Resumption Of Postal Flights... 23/02/1942 History
The German Junkers Company started operating in Iran since April, 1929 running Tehran-Mashhad postal services. Mutual cooperation expanded in time unt...View Details»

Terrorist Caught In The Sky... 23/02/2010 History
Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of notorious Jondollah terrorist group was caught in the air on Feb, 23, 2010. The commercial flight QH454 from Dubai en r...View Details»

Iran emerges from its troubles! ... 23/02/2014 Politics
Ashfaqur Rahman There were two items of good news about Iran last week. The first was the agreement arrived at between six major world powers upon a ...View Details»

US Keen to Invest in Iran's Tourism Sector ... 23/02/2014 Fun
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of Iran-Foreign Joint Venture Association Hossein Salimi underlined that Iran's breathtaking tourism attractions on one hand, and t...View Details»

Navy Thwarts Pirate Attacks on Iranian Trade Vessel in Red Sea ... 23/02/2014 Military
TEHRAN (FNA)- An attempt by pirates to hijack an Iranian cargo vessel in international waters was foiled by the timely action of Iran’s warships prese...View Details»

Armenian artists stage duet in Tehran... 23/02/2015 Fun
Two Armenian musicians, Arpineh Israyelian and Astghik Vardanyan, staged a duet featuring piano and violin at Roudaki Hall in Tehran on February 19. ...View Details»

German airliner inaugurates new direct flight from Berlin to Tehran ... 23/02/2015 Auto
Berlin, Feb 23, IRNA - German airliner Germania took off Sunday evening for its first non-stop flight from Berlin to Tehran. Iran's Ambassador to Ger...View Details»

Zarif-Kerry, Salehi-Moniz talks in Geneva end... 23/02/2015 Politics
Tehran, Feb 23, IRNA – Representatives of Iran and the United States discussed nuclear issues for two and a half hours in Geneva on Sunday evening. I...View Details»

Iran's Basij Force Returns Stolen Torah Manuscripts to Jewish Communit... 23/02/2015 Culture
TEHRAN (FNA)- An ancient hand-written Torah that was stolen from a synagogue in Southern Iran was found by Iran's Basij (volunteer) force and returned...View Details»

Iran Unveils PK2 Escort Plane ... 23/02/2015 Military
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Sunday unveiled a new home-made plane named 'PK2' designed and built by the country's experts. The plane considered as an escort...View Details»