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The Battle Of Granicus... 23/05/334BC History
The battle of Granicus took place near the Hellespontine at the crossing of the Granicus River between forces of invading Macedonian Alexander and the...View Details»

Battle of the Granicus ... 23/05/334BC History
The Battle of the Granicus River in May 334 BC was the first of three major battles fought between Alexander the Great and the Persian Empire. Fought ...View Details»

Ghaznavi-Seljuk Clash At Dandanaghan... 23/05/1040 History
The Battle of Dandanaghan was fought on May, 23, 1040 between the Seljuk and the Ghaznavi army that ended with a Seljuk victory; bringing down the Gha...View Details»

Shah Ismail Safavi Dies... 23/05/1524 History
Shah Ismail, the founder of the great Safavi dynasty died after 23 years of reign. He reunited Iran under one central government and extended the bord...View Details»

Khatami Elected President... 23/05/1997 History
7th presidential election: From a total of 238 nominees for the presidential race, 234 people including 9 women were disqualified leaving only 4 pres...View Details»

The British Royal Family Supported Hitler and the Nazis ... 23/05/2014 History
Prince Charles Compares Putin to Hitler - Remark ironic considering Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royals loved Hitler and the Nazis By Kurt Nimmo Global Research,...View Details»

Iran marks 34th anniversary of liberation of Khorramshahr ... 23/05/2016 History
*** Iranian forces celebrate the liberation of Khorramshahr at the city’s Grand Mosque, May 24, 1982. Iran marks the 34th anniversary of the liberatio...View Details»