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Execution Of Ambassador By Mehrdad 2... 24/10/90BC History
The Iranian ambassador to the Roman court Arorobazus was condemned to death by the court. After the Parthian king Mehrdad 2 approved the decree, the p...View Details»

The Gulistan Treaty Signed With Russia... 24/10/1813 History
After the assassination of Mohammad Khan, his nephew Fathali Shah was defeated by Russia in two wars despite a decree calling for the holy war. He was...View Details»

The Largely Forgotten Los Angeles' Chinese Massacre... 24/10/1871 History
On a cool October night in 1871, 18 Chinese men and boys were massacred by a bloodthirsty mob in Los Angeles. The Cause Debate continues over the actu...View Details»

Chinese Massacre of 1871 in California, USA... 24/10/1871 History
The Chinese massacre of 1871 was a racially motivated riot which occurred on October 24, 1871 in Los Angeles, California, when a mob of around 500 whi...View Details»

The Secret History of the First Cat in Space... 24/10/1963 Nature
By Rae Paoletta On October 18th, 1963, the Centre national d’études in France was set to send a small cat named Félix into space. After lagging behind...View Details»

Iran Lawmaker: No Need for More 20 Percent Uranium - ABC News... 24/10/2013 News
A prominent Iranian lawmaker said Tehran doesn't need any more 20 percent-enriched uranium, a news agency covering the country's parliament reported ...View Details»

Deception is part of the DNA? Iranian hardliners sic media on top US n... 24/10/2013 News
US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman has been slammed by hardliners for her comment that 'deception is part of the DNA,' despite the Iranian gov...View Details»

India must widen the scope to trade with Iran - The Economic Times... 24/10/2013 News
By ET Bureau | 24 Oct, 2013, 04.15AM IST Using state trading companies to route exports to Iran from private companies is not the most complex part of...View Details»

South Dakota, United States Foreign films from Iran, Iraq - aberdeenne... 24/10/2013 News
In ¿Modest Reception,¿ two sophisticated siblings from Tehran travel the mountainous northern countryside maniacally pushing bags of money on locals. ...View Details»

Nike Air Trainer 2 “Persian Violet” (Official Images and Release Info)... 24/10/2013 News
October 23, 2013 | By John Clayton Riding shotgun with the Nike Air Trainer 1 “Infrared” for Nike’s Kicks Of The Week will be the Nike Air Trainer ...View Details»