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Callias Teaty Ends Greco Persian Wars... 25/10/449BC History
After a series of battles between Persians and Greeks that lasted for almost half a century, an Athenian statesman named Callias was sent to Susa to o...View Details»

Abbas Mirza Dies... 25/10/1833 History
Abbas Mirza, the son of Fathali Shah was named the Crown Prince to ascend the throne as the third Qajar king. However he died one year before his fath...View Details»

Sardar Sepah Becomes Prime Minister... 25/10/1923 History
Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king appointed Reza Pahlavi as the new Prime Minister and left for Europe eight days later. It's not clear what exactly hap...View Details»

Majlis Twelveth Terms Begins... 25/10/1939 History
The 12th Majlis term started on Oct, 25, 1939 and officially inaugurated on Nov, 2. Reza Shah attended the inauguration ceremony on Oct, 26 though h...View Details»

Amirkabir Dam Inaugurated... 25/10/1961 History
Inauguration ceremonies of the Amirkabir Dam took place on Oct, 25, 1961. Mohammad Reza Shah attended the ceremony. The initial studies for Amirkabir...View Details»

Burnt City, cultural gate of Sistan-o Balouchestan to world... 25/10/2014 History
Zahedan, Oct 24, IRNA – Governor General of Sistan-o Balouchestan province said here Thursday international registration of ancient Burnt City equale...View Details»