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Happy Zoroaster Birthday... 26/03/628BC History
Zoroaster is the most ancient prophet and the only one who rose from Arians. There are disputes on his year of birth; some believe he was born 6000 ye...View Details»

Last Seljuk King Killed... 26/03/1194 History
After almost a century, the Seljuk dynasty reached its end. Following Sultan Sanjar's death, the Seljuks entered a power struggle which gave the Khara...View Details»

Put Your Best Fruit Forward: A Look at the Persian Fruit Bowl ... 26/03/2014 Arts
Posted on 3/25/2014 2:56:00 PM by Daniela Galarza Since the story of Adam and Eve, fruit has served as both symbol and sustenance. This past weekend...View Details»

China's demand for Persian tapestry hits $3 billion ... 26/03/2014 Economy
China may become one of Iran's biggest markets for Persian carpets and tapestries, with estimated current demand of roughly $3 billion, said Mohammad ...View Details»

Recipe - Welcoming Spring and a New Day - Persian Rice ... 26/03/2014 Cuisine
Iranian Cuisine Just like our New Year celebration, the Persian New Year begins at a very specific time. It is based on the sun’s travels, marking the...View Details»

A Cappuccino With the C.I.A. ... 26/03/2014 Politics
ROYA HAKAKIANMARCH 25, 2014 NEW HAVEN, Conn. — The invitation came in an email, written in the ingratiating tone of the Nigerian prince looking to wir...View Details»

How to Nowruz like a Persian ... 26/03/2014 Culture
By A.J. Cave The memory of the first people who joyfully celebrated the coming of a lovely blossoming spring after months of a cold harsh winter is lo...View Details»

Multi-nation Nowruz fest staged in Berlin ... 26/03/2014 News
Embassies of nine countries -- Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan -- hosted a speci...View Details»

Spanish top court rules Catalonia referendum unconstitutional ... 26/03/2014 News
Spain’s Constitutional Court has ruled that a referendum in Catalonia on independence from the rest of the country would violate the law, saying that ...View Details»

Negareh: Persian Scholars Pavilion at United Nations Vienna, Austria ... 26/03/2014 Media
The Persian Scholars Pavilion at United Nations in Vienna, Austria is featuring the statues of four prominent Iranian figures. Highlighting the Irania...View Details»