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Farhad 3.Ascends The Throne... 27/01/70BC History
Farhad 3rd ascends the Parthian throne as the 17th ruler of the Parthian Dynasty. His reign lasted for about seven years. Farhad 3rd AKA Phraates III ...View Details»

Battle of Zab: Abu Muslim Defeats Marvan 2.... 27/01/750 History
In a war between Abu Muslim and Marwan 2nd forces that lasted for two days near the Zab River, Marwan's army was defeated. Marwan was the last ruler f...View Details»

Prince Abbas Is Born... 27/01/1571 History
Prince Abbas Mirza, later to become Shah Abbas of Safavian Dynasty was born on Jan, 27, 1571 and became king in October 1587 after a coup against his ...View Details»

Mauser Becomes Iran's Rifle... 27/01/1930 History
After months of inspection and evaluating the results of the tests on different models of rifles that were used in the Iranian army for years, Reza Sh...View Details»

Hoveida Becomes Prime Minister... 27/01/1965 History
Following assassination of Pahlavi Prime Minister Hasanali Mansour which was attributed to fanatic Islamists, Mohammad Reza Shah personally appointed ...View Details»

Six American Diplomats Secretly Escape Hostilities in Iran ... 27/01/1980 History
The "Canadian Caper" was the joint covert rescue by the Canadian government and the CIA of six American diplomats who had evaded capture during the se...View Details»