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Hallaj Executed In Baghdad... 31/03/922 History
Mansour Hallaj was a revolutionary poet, teacher and great philosopher who was executed in Baghdad. By the order of Al Moghtader, the Abbasi Caliph he...View Details»

Eiffel Tower opens ... 31/03/1889 History
On March 31, 1889, the Eiffel Tower is dedicated in Paris in a ceremony presided over by Gustave Eiffel, the tower's designer, and attended by French ...View Details»

Imperial Bank Of Persia Inaugurated... 31/03/1890 History
Originally known as The British Bank of the Middle East, The Imperial bank of Persia was established in 1889 with a royal charter from Queen Victoria,...View Details»

Tehran University Foundation Step... 31/03/1931 History
After abolition of the Qajar Dynasty, during inauguration of the Majlis library in 1926, the idea of a modern university surfaced and was discussed am...View Details»

Thrusting U. S. Into Diplomatic Limbo... 31/03/1936 History
Reza Shah Pahlavi, now calling himself the King of Kings ordered the Iranian legation in Washington and the Iranian consulates in Manhattan and Chicag...View Details»

Gingerly, Iran begins to rock out ... 31/03/2014 History
In 2008, Iran banned all pop music. But a recent female solo performance signals growing freedom in a country where heavy metal musicians have been to...View Details»

Iran taking new security measures at eastern borders ... 31/03/2014 History
Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam says the Islamic Republic has begun constructing 120 watch towers along its eastern borde...View Details»

Thousands enjoy annual Persian festival ... 31/03/2014 History
BY CINDY YAMANAKA / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Published: March 30, 2014 Updated: 8:31 p.m. IRVINE – Amir Khazan looks forward to the annua...View Details»

OU unveils new statue of Omar Khayyam, famous Persian philosopher and ... 31/03/2016 History
Derric Cushman, news reporter University of Oklahoma OU President David Boren and others unveiled a new statue of a Persian philosopher and scientist...View Details»

From L.A. to Tehran, nose jobs are a rite of passage for many Persian ... 31/03/2017 History
By Melissa Etehad Growing up in Los Angeles, Jasmine Yahid thought a lot about her nose. Too big, with a bump that drew attention, she felt. So Yahid ...View Details»