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April-2015: Top 1000 Websites | Ratak IT... 01/05/2015 Internet-IT
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Looking for Ethnicity in Iran... 17/02/2015 Culture
A lecture in English by Rasmus Christian Elling, Copenhagen University. Part of the UCLA CNES and Program of Iranian Studies Bilingual Lecture Series....View Details»

Touring the Gardens of Iran with Bestway Tours And Safaris | TravelPul... 25/11/2014 Fun
By David Cogswell | November 24, 2014 While the American newsmedia keeps Iran near the top of its enemies list, and former President George W. Bush in...View Details»

Blaze consumes wildlife habitat in Miyankaleh ... 27/07/2014 Nature
TEHRAN, July 27 (MNA) – A great conflagration has consumed 100 hectares of wildlife habitat in Miyankaleh, in northern province of Mazandaran. Miyanka...View Details»

Negareh: Mazandaran Behshahr Abbasabd Lake.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
In Abbasabd Lake near Behshahr city of Mazandaran Province, there is remains of a castle attributed to Shah Abbas of the Safavid Dynasty. The place is...View Details»

Negareh: Behshahr Abbasabad Lake Safavid.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Abbasabad historical site is located 6 km to Behshahr in Mazandaran Province, famous for its greenery and beauty besides its historic significance. As...View Details»

Shah Safi Ascends The Throne... 28/01/1629 History
Shah Abbas 1st, the 5th sovereign of the Safavian Dynasty died in Behshahr at the age of 58 on Jan, 19, 1629. His grandson, Sam Mirza was crowned at t...View Details»

Shah Abbas Dies... 19/01/1629 History
Shah Abbas of Safavi dynasty died in Behshahr at the age of 58. He was given the title "The Great" for modernizing Iranian army and pushing back great...View Details»