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Safeguarding our vanishing treasure; National Park of Lake Urmia... 26/08/2019 Nature
TEHRAN – The National Park of Lake Urmia, home to several precious species and amongst 59 biosphere reserve areas, is severely threatened by many year...View Details»

Devoted soldier loses leg to save dog... 22/12/2016 Military
Maragheh, East Azarbaijan, Dec 21, IRNA – Devoted Iranian soldier who was spending his compulsorty military service term in Ajab Shir barracks in nor...View Details»

Iran’s mount climber conquers Everest without oxygen use... 20/05/2016 Sports
Tehran, May 19, IRNA – Iranian mountain climber Azim Gheychisaz managed to conquer the world’s highest mountain peak Everest without using oxygen cap...View Details»

Iran sinks France 6-0 at World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 ... 06/04/2016 Sports
*** World Schools Championship Futsal 2016 began in Porec, Croatia, on April 3, 2016, and will finish on April 10. Young Iranian futsal players have r...View Details»

Tabriz: A city without beggars... 08/02/2016 Culture
Tehran, Feb 8, IRNA – While beggary has turned into one of the major social problems in almost all big cities in the world with Iran being no exceptio...View Details»

Tabriz is home to one of the world’s most ancient Bibles... 20/11/2015 History
Tehran, Nov 20, IRNA – The most ancient handwritten edition of Acts of the Apostles is kept at Tabriz Central Public Library in East Azarbaijan. Beca...View Details»

New scenario to save Lake Urmia ... 16/08/2015 Nature
News ID: 2884438 - Sun 16 August 2015 - 12:09 Culture TEHRAN, Aug. 16 (MNA) – Iran's deputy Energy Minister announced the implementation of a water t...View Details»

Looking for Ethnicity in Iran... 17/02/2015 Culture
A lecture in English by Rasmus Christian Elling, Copenhagen University. Part of the UCLA CNES and Program of Iranian Studies Bilingual Lecture Series....View Details»

Danish Egro to invest $2bn in Iran's Azarbaijan... 26/01/2015 Economy
Danish Egro to invest $2bn in Iran's Azarbaijan DUBAI, Denmark-based Egro Company is set to invest €2 billion ($2.2 billion) in the field of agricultu...View Details»

Lake Urmia: Orumieh Lake at grave risk... 08/01/2014 Nature
In the past 20 years, about 85 percent of Orumieh Lake have gone dry. The present unfortunate conditions have persisted despite measures taken in the ...View Details»