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Burning Iranian oil tanker sinks, 32 crew presumed dead ... 14/01/2018 News
An Iranian oil tanker that caught fire after colliding with a freighter in East China Sea more than a week ago has sunk, with some 30 crewmen still mi...View Details»

Iranian tanker ablaze off China amid fears of oil spill ... 07/01/2018 News
An Iranian oil tanker collided with a bulk freighter and caught fire off China's eastern coast, leaving its entire crew of 32 missing, most of them Ir...View Details»

China calls for new security pact with Russia, Iran ... 22/05/2014 Politics
SHANGHAI -- China's president called Tuesday for the creation of a new Asian structure for security cooperation based on a regional group that include...View Details»

U.S. freedom of navigation operations in 2013 targeted China, Iran ... 06/03/2014 Economy
By David Alexander WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military carried out freedom of navigation operations challenging the maritime claims of China, Ir...View Details»

Chinese jets shadowed US and Japanese planes in new air defense zone —... 29/11/2013 Military
Chinese fighter jets were scrambled and followed US and Japanese planes that had entered the newly-proclaimed Chinese air defense zone in the disputed...View Details»

China Moves Spy Ship to Hawaiian Waters in “Retaliation” Against U.S. ... 01/11/2013 News
Unprecedented development showcases Beijing’s increasing military confidence By Paul Joseph Watson Global Research, November 01, 2013 Infowars 31 Octo...View Details»