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GitHub Now Providing Cloud Services to Developers in Iran... 13/01/2021 Internet-IT
Good News from GitHub! Iranian subscribers have just received this e-mail from GitHub: "GitHub has secured a license from the U.S. government to off...View Details»

Publication of Iran-related Frequently Asked Questions... 08/06/2016 Politics
OFAC updated the Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the Lifting of Certain U.S. Sanctions Under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, adding two...View Details»

ZTE facing US export restrictions after US kit sales to Iran: Report |... 07/03/2016 News
Chinese telecommunications hardware maker ZTE will have to make do without equipment from the United States if reports of export restrictions on Ameri...View Details»

Carly Fiorina's Defense Of Hewlett-Packard's Iran Dealings Has Some Bi... 22/09/2015 Import-Export
The GOP presidential candidate isn't telling the whole story. By Sam Stein Senior Politics Editor, The Huffington Post By Igor Bobic Associate Politic...View Details»