Simurgh, the Mysterious Giant Healing Bird in Iranian Mythology ... 12/05/2018 History
11 May, 2018 - 15:31 MartiniF Simorgh, the Mysterious Giant Healing Bird in Iranian Mythology The image of the serpent is widely acknowledg...View Details»

Taq-i Kisra (Ayvan-e Kasra): A landmark in the history of architecture... 06/02/2014 History
Now only an imposing brick ruin, Ayvan-e Kasra is the most famous of all Sasanian monuments and a landmark in the history of architecture. While actua...View Details»

Revival of Iranian characters in Shahnameh: Diablo-like indie ARPG Leg... 09/12/2013 Fun
Revival of Iranian characters in Shahnameh: Diablo-like indie ARPG Legends of Persia by Paul Younger Sourena Game Srudio has announced that their hack...View Details»

Negareh: Sassanid Anoushirvan Bozorgmehr Shahnameh Chess.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
When the king of India sent the chessboard to Sassanid king Khosrau Anoushirvan, Bozorgmehr not only won the Indian ambassador in the game but also in...View Details»

Negareh: Kiani Shahnameh Kay Khosrau Afrasiab Battle.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Illustration from Shahnameh Kiani king Kay Khosrau engaged in a Battle against king of Turan Afrasiab.n 1430. Bayasanghor Shahnameh was made for Princ...View Details»

Negareh: Booyeh Azoddoleh Silver Coin.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Silver Coin of Azoddoleh Deylami widely regarded as the greatest emir of the Booyeh Dynasty.The son of Roknoddoleh, Panah Khosrau was given the title ...View Details»

Negareh: Sassanid Coin Khosrau Parviz Silver Dirham.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Sassanid Silver Dirham Coin with image of Khosrau Parviz, On the edges Arabic words Allah & Mohammad are seen. The coin has been mint in 1st century A...View Details»

Negareh: Sassanid Roma Khosrau Heraclius.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Copper plate shows Sassanid Khosrau Parviz submitting to Roman emperor Heraclius (Cherub: an angel on the left is watching) Khosrau started a in 602 t...View Details»

Negareh: Khusrau I Anoushirvan Coin.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
Khusrau I Anoushirvan Coin. Khosrau 1st most commonly known in Persian as Khosrau Anoushirvan or Anoushirvan-e Dadgar (r. 531–579), was the most famou...View Details»

Negareh: Tehran Naserkhosro Street 1946.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
A historical photograph from Tehran's Naserkhosro Street with old cars and buses in1946 -Keywords: Tehran , Naser Khosrau , Street , 1946...View Details»