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Iran’s Wushu finds third medal in Incheon ... 25/09/2014 Sports
Iran’s Wushu finds third medal in Incheon TEHRAN, Sep. 24 (MNA) – Iran’s wushu national squad has found its third medal, a gold, by winning Kazakhstan...View Details»

Terrorist Caught In The Sky... 23/02/2010 History
Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of notorious Jondollah terrorist group was caught in the air on Feb, 23, 2010. The commercial flight QH454 from Dubai en r...View Details»

Blast Kills Four Iranian Police Near Pakistan... 14/02/2009 History
(FNA) - Four members of Iran's security forces were killed by an explosion set off in a booby-trap attack by rebels near the Pakistani border. The st...View Details»

Soviets Play Game Of Geography... 01/01/1925 History
Three years after Russia became the Soviet Union, it was announced that Marv, Bukhara and other northeastern regions of the greater Khorasan that were...View Details»

Amir Ismail Samani Is Born... 24/05/849 History
Amir Ismail Samani who founded the Samanian dynasty was born in Ferghana on May, 24, 849. His grandfather was a grandson of Bahram Chubin. After takin...View Details»