Negareh: Achaemenid Mazaeus Satrap Coin.jpg... 01/01/2012 Media
A Coin from Achaemenid Satrap Mazaeus: During the reign of Dariush 3., he became the Satrap of Babylon an area known to the Greek as Mesopotamia. He w...View Details»

Alexander Reaches Tigris... 03/09/331BC History
While Dariush 3 was preparing for the battle in Gaugamela, Alexander and his forces after allowing his men to rest near Carrhae reached Tigris. Meanwh...View Details»

Battle Of Gaugamela Lost To Alexander... 01/10/331BC History
Alexander had set spies all over Persia. After the eclipse of the moon was visible on Sep, 20 morals were low on the Persian side as it was considered...View Details»