* Battle of Dayr Alaqul * Abbasids defeat Saffarids... 08/04/876 History
(Wikipedia) - The Battle of Dayr al-‘Aqul was fought on April 8, 876 between forces of the Saffarid amir Ya'qub ibn Laith and the Abbasid Caliphate. T...View Details»

Battle of Nahrawan ... 20/07/658 History
The Battle of Nahrawan (Arabic: معركة النهروان‎, romanized: Ma'rakat an-Nahrawān) was fought between the army of caliph Ali and the rebel group called...View Details»

Battle of Siffin... 26/07/657 History
The Battle of Siffin (Arabic: وقعة صفين‎; May–July 657 occurred during the First Fitna, or first Muslim civil war, with the main engagement taking pla...View Details»

Roma Defeats Persia At Neynava... 12/12/627 History
The battle fought in Nineveh was the peak of a series of battles that had started in 622 by the Roman Empire to push back Iranians to their original b...View Details»