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After Alarmism The war on climate denial has been won. And that’s not ... 27/01/2021 Nature
By David Wallace-Wells In the American Southwest, birds fell dead from the sky by the tens of thousands, succumbing mid-flight to starvation, emaciat...View Details»

New York governor begs for help as Coronavirus death toll climbs ... 31/03/2020 Health
US Navy hospital ship arrives in New York City to help relieve the crisis that has killed more than 1,200 in the city. New York's governor put out an ...View Details»

Iranian Play Staged in Toronto, to be Acted by Persian Director... 01/02/2019 Arts
An author unafraid to defy midcentury attitudes about her gender. “What is important is humanity,” she wrote, “not being a man or a woman.” *** Forou...View Details»

From Clovis West to jailbreak: Hossein Nayeri’s tortured path to most-... 30/01/2016 People
Strong community support after 2005 fatal Madera DUI crash may have kept Nayeri from prison Brother of man killed in crash calls Nayeri a ‘con man’ F...View Details»

Nicolas Cage Bought the Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini | The News Wheel... 27/04/2015 People
*** “OKAY, let’s ride!” It’s not uncommon for acclaimed actors to occasionally slum it in awful movies, in exchange for a nice fat paycheck. One of th...View Details»

Take Action: Protests around the World Respond to Assault on Palestine... 18/07/2014 News
Protests are being organized in cities around the world to respond to the ongoing assault on Palestine and the Palestinian people, including the murde...View Details»

Can Les Clintons Scupper Obama’s US-Iran Rapprochement? ... 19/12/2013 Politics
Franklin Lamb Beirut They will if they can, and in league with the US Zionist lobby they well might. The latter is currently eager to fund and prom...View Details»

Obama says U.S. needs to update policies on Cuba| Reuters... 09/11/2013 Politics
By Mark Felsenthal MIAMI Fri Nov 8, 2013 10:05pm EST (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday that it may be time for the United States to r...View Details»

Basketball – Haddadi pens contract with Sichuan Whales, looks to the f... 29/09/2013 News – SICHUAN, Despite multiple signs of interest from various NBA teams, the best center in Asia, Hamed Haddadi, has signed with the ...View Details»