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Between censorship and a burgeoning music scene, Iranian rockers are t... 20/12/2018 Arts
By Sara Saidi 19 December 2018 *** From left to right, Shirin Vaezi, Amir Kharrazi and Amir Shahab, from the group AtriA, after a re-hearsal in their ...View Details»

Iranian Rappers: Protect Ya Neck ... 24/08/2016 Fun
*** PERSIAN CATS: Rappers Soroush Lashgari, left, and Mahdyar in an underground recording studio in Tehran, 2008. The hand gesture signifies 021, the ...View Details»

Five Iranian Expatriates Worth Listening To: Deep Dish, The Yellow Dog... 25/10/2014 Fun
Believe it or not, Iran doesn't have the best track record of allowing Western music (and culture in general) onto the market. That's why when the gov...View Details»

Iranian Rock Band The Yellow Dogs: Man who police say killed 3 Iranian... 13/11/2013 News
Photo: 3 band members killed in shooting Police: Ali Akbar Mohammadi Rafie took his own life after shooting former band mates "He was not a natural fi...View Details»

Iranian Members of indie rock band Yellow Dogs shot dead in New York ... 11/11/2013 Arts
NEW YORK (AP) — New York City police say musicians killed in a shooting at their Brooklyn apartment were members of the Iranian indie rock band The Ye...View Details»