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VBJ unveils jewellery inspired by Persia... 08/02/2018 Arts
Chennai: “VBJ has always striven to bring a mix of the latest trends along with the richness of tradition and we are truly delighted to bring Persiana...View Details»

Spice up your salmon dinner with a Persian touch ... 11/06/2016 Cuisine
Recipe for spiced salmon with lemons By Julian Armstrong, Montreal Gazette June 10, 2016 *** Spices and lemon peel zap up a simple fillet of salmon ...View Details»

Investors vie for toeholds in Iran's exploding market... 17/05/2016 Economy
By Elizabeth MacBride, special to Thursday, 10 Mar 2016 | 9:29 AM SHARES Foreign investors are rushing to cash in on a bonanza in...View Details»

Persian nosh goes posh - Where to eat Persian food in London? ... 30/07/2014 Cuisine
VICTORIA STEWART Know your koo sabzis from your ab-goshs? There’s more to Persian cuisine than kebabs. Victoria Stewart reveals why kofta is flavour ...View Details»

Persian Inventions... 25/07/2014 History
SYSTEMS AND WAY OF LIFE • Protocol and Etiquette- rules of respect, cultured civilization, of order and harmony of everyday life. • Human Rights – 576...View Details»

Iranian Cuisine: Full of Persian flavour ... 10/05/2014 Cuisine
By Venue | Posted: May 09, 2014 Iranian cook Sabrina Ghayour first made a name for herself when she hosted supper clubs in London, cooking the Persi...View Details»

The Persian plate ... 26/04/2014 Cuisine
Iranian Cuisine: Persian food is simple, fresh and delicious, says Iranian-born Sabrina Ghayour, who specialises in adapting Middle Eastern recipes fo...View Details»