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Anoushirvan Introduces Dehgan System... 26/01/560 History
Four days before the Sadeh ceremonies, on Jan, 26, 560 AD a new body called Dehgan is introduced to Iranian villages by Khosrau Anoushirvan, the 23rd ...View Details»

Referendum On White Revolution... 26/01/1963 History
Iranians participated in a referendum to approve social and economic changes that was called the White Revolution. This was the first time that Irania...View Details»

Iran Enters UNESCO... 26/01/1966 History
20 years after it's creation in 1946, Iran is admitted to UNESCO. The 20th century became the time of communication among nations, this became possibl...View Details»

Terror Attack On Bank Melli In San Francisco... 26/01/1981 History
(Wikipedia) - On January 26, 1981, a bomb exploded outside the San Francisco offices of Bank Melli Iran. According to the National Memorial Institute ...View Details»

Communist Guerilla Attacks Amol... 26/01/1982 History
A guerilla group called Communists Union of Iran staged armed uprising against the Iranian regime. Around 200 of the group members went into hiding in...View Details»

US Treasury removes sanctions on Iran’s National Oil and Tanker compan... 26/01/2014 Economy
TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – NITC director has said the US Treasury has removed Iran’s National Oil and Tanker Company from the sanction list. In an inter...View Details»

The Elders, headed by Annan, arrive in Tehran ... 26/01/2014 News
TEHRAN, Jan. 26 (MNA) – The Foreign Ministry’s Public Diplomacy Department has said the Elders group headed by Kofi Annan has arrived in Tehran on Sun...View Details»

Iran appeal dismissed by AFC - 26/01/2015 Sports
Jan 25, 2015 14:47:00 Carlos Queiroz's side claimed Iraq midfielder Alaa Abdul Zahrah Khashen Al-Azzawi was ineligible after being knocked out by thei...View Details»

Danish Egro to invest $2bn in Iran's Azarbaijan... 26/01/2015 Economy
Danish Egro to invest $2bn in Iran's Azarbaijan DUBAI, Denmark-based Egro Company is set to invest €2 billion ($2.2 billion) in the field of agricultu...View Details»

Malaysia Airlines website ‘Hacked by Cyber Caliphate’ — RT News... 26/01/2015 Auto
The website of the troubled Malaysia Airlines has sustained an attack by the Lizard Squad – a group allegedly aligning itself with ISIS. “Hacked by Cy...View Details»