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Napoleon Sends Envoy To Iran... 11/02/1805 History
Napoleon I wanted to develop an alliance with the Persian Empire. France had already signed treaties with Persia in 1708 and 1715 with the visit of a ...View Details»

Russia's Minister Plenipotentiary Killed In Tehran... 11/02/1829 History
Alexander Griboyedov, Russia's Minister Plenipotentiary to Tehran was killed during a raid on the Russian embassy at the age of 34. Aftermath the Russ...View Details»

Majlis Fifth Term Begins... 11/02/1924 History
The Persian legislative election of 1923 was held in November 1923 after the appointment of Reza Pahlavi as Prime Minister by Ahmad Shah Qajar. It was...View Details»

Farrakhan Visits Iran... 11/02/1996 History
Louis Farrakhan visited Iran attending a rally marking the 17th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution. In a speech he made, he told the crowd tha t...View Details»

North Korea Backs Iran... 11/02/2005 History
(SCOTSMAN) - North Korea has sent a message of solidarity to Iran amid suspicions that it boasted of having nuclear weapons to raise the stakes while ...View Details»

Diabetes Epidemic Hits Persian Gulf Region - 11/02/2014 Health
Diabetes Epidemic Hits Persian Gulf Region Among Causes Cited Are High Obesity Rates, Unhealthy Lifestyles, Possible Genetic Factors By Rory Jones Feb...View Details»

IAEA meets with Iranian officials to establish next steps - 11/02/2014 News
The International Atomic Energy Agency met with representatives of the Iranian government on to review progress on the implementation of the Framework...View Details»

Is Obama Seeking an Opening to Iran the way Richard Nixon did With Chi... 11/02/2014 Politics
By Michael Barone | Feb 11, 2014 Is Barack Obama trying to shift alliances in the Middle East away from traditional allies and toward Iran? Robert Ka...View Details»

The Menace of the Military Mind ... 11/02/2014 Military
By Chris Hedges I had my first experience with the U.S. military when I was a young reporter covering the civil war in El Salvador. We journalists we...View Details»

This is Persia... Sar-Aqa-Seyyed Village Not Masouleh! ... 11/02/2014 Fun
Sar Agha Sayed (Also spelled as Sar Aqa seyyed) (Persian: سرآقاسید) is a famous historical Iranian village in "Chahar Mahal-o-Bakhtiari" Province. The...View Details»