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Mourning In New Lunar Years... 13/02/963 History
19 years after the fall of Baghdad, Ahmad Booyeh Deylami AKA Moezzoddoleh ordered mourning ceremonies during the first 10 days of Moharram , the first...View Details»

Victory For Nader Shah At Karnal... 13/02/1739 History
Pursuing the Afghan invaders, in 1738, Nader Shah conquered Kandahar, the last outpost of the Hotaki dynasty. His thoughts now turned to the Mughal Em...View Details»

French General Leaves Iran... 13/02/1809 History
General Gardane who was appointed as the chief of the mission to help modernize the Persian army abruptly left Iran. His mission started as part of te...View Details»

Russians Defeated At Sultanabad... 13/02/1812 History
Receiving the news of Napoleon's invasion of Russia in the spring, Iranian troops moved from Tabriz to Nakhjevan and on February 13, 1812 Persians und...View Details»

Ali Mirza Khan, Son of Nader Shah Dies in Austria ... 13/02/1824 History
Johann Joseph von Semlin (born Ali Mirza Khan; 1736–1824) was the reputed son of Nader Shah. After Shah's murder, a loyalist brought Ali Mirza Khan to...View Details»

Tehran-Tabriz Postal Services... 13/02/1876 History
Centuries after Dariush The Great created world's first Chapar System, Naseroddin Shah found out in a trip to Europe that postal services might be of ...View Details»

Yepram Khan Leads The Uprising... 13/02/1909 History
Mohammad Ali Shah's shelling the parliament with cannons instigated people from all around Iran to join revolutionary forces. Yeprem khan, originally ...View Details»

Iran Names New Nuclear Agency Chief... 13/02/2011 History
(CNN) -- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Sunday appointed Fereydoun Abbasi -- who survived an assassination attempt late last year -- as the ...View Details»

Iran Steadies as Tensions Ease - 13/02/2014 Economy
Iran's Economy Begins to Improve With New President, Nuclear Accord Feb. 12, 2014 8:13 p.m. ET By Bill Spindle SHIRAZ, Iran—Iran's economy, though st...View Details»

3 reasons edtech's next big opportunity is in the Persian Gulf ... 13/02/2014 Economy
The Persian Gulf is ready for edtech February 12, 2014 Nicholas Franco, ConnectEDU The oil-rich countries of the Persian Gulf are trying to diversify...View Details»