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Hystaspes Defeats Parthian rebels... 08/03/521BC History
The army of Dariush the Great was made up of Median troops, thus they were not likely to attack their homeland. This was to the advantage of Phraortes...View Details»

Royal Army Defeated By Ghilzai Chieftains... 08/03/1722 History
The uprising of Mahmoud Ghandahari which was provoked by India was the prelude to the downfall of the Safavid dynasty. While Sultan Hossein was entert...View Details»

Safavid Army Defeated at the Battle of Gulnabad ... 08/03/1722 History
The Battle of Gulnabad (Sunday, March 8, 1722) was fought between the military forces from Afghanistan and the army of the Safavid Empire. The battle ...View Details»

Shah Signs Tobbaco Concessions... 08/03/1890 History
Naseroddin Shah signed the Regie Concession during his third visit to Europe on March, 8, 1890. By this agreement Shah sold the monopoly of the tobacc...View Details»

Mani, Ancient Persian prophet gained following ... 08/03/2014 Culture
By William Hamblin and Daniel Peterson, For the Deseret News Published: Friday, March 7 2014 Although Manicheism — the religion founded by the Mesopo...View Details»

Persian nations strengthen ties in Football ... 08/03/2014 Sports – DUSHANBE, Last week on Friday 28 February, Ali Kafashian was guest to Rustam Emomali, the two heads of football federations of P...View Details»

EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton Arrives in Tehran ... 08/03/2014 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton arrived in Tehran on Saturday afternoon to hold meetings with high-ranking Iranian officials ov...View Details»

South Korea to Pay $550mln Oil Debt to Iran on Friday ... 08/03/2014 Economy
TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korea plans to make its first oil payment to Iran today following the easing of sanctions on Tehran in line with an interim nuclea...View Details»

IndianOil, ONGC, Oil India named by US govt for Iran ties | Business L... 08/03/2015 Economy
*** Indian Oil, ONGC, Oil India have been named for their stake in the Farsi offshore block in Iran. US Iran Sanctions Act provides for steps against ...View Details»

Iran unveils eco-friendly hybrid car ... 08/03/2015 Auto
Iran unveils eco-friendly hybrid car TEHRAN, Mar. 07 (MNA) – Named Donirou, Iran’s indigenous eco-friendly hybrid car was unveiled Wednesday, March 4,...View Details»