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Ferdowsi Completes Shahnameh... 16/03/1010 History
Ferdowsi completed his renown masterpiece, Shahnameh (The epic of kings) on March, 16, 1010 AD. According to his own words in his book of 50,000 verse...View Details»

Saebedaran Uprising Against Ilkhanid Moghuls ... 16/03/1337 History
The Sarbadar state came into existence around early 1337. At that time, much of Khurasan was under the control of the Ilkhanid claimant Togha Temur an...View Details»

My Lai Massacre: The day US military slaughtered a village & tried to ... 16/03/1968 History
The My Lai massacre was one of the most horrific incidents of violence committed against unarmed civilians during the Vietnam War. A company of Americ...View Details»

Karzai says war 'imposed' on Afghanistan ... 16/03/2014 News
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan President Hamid Karzai says the last 12 years of war were "imposed" on Afghans, a reference to the U.S.-led invasion ...View Details»

Saudi demands Qatar 'shut down Al-Jazeera' ... 16/03/2014 News
Dubai (AFP) - Saudi Arabia demanded that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera and two think tanks during a recent meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a sou...View Details»

Venezuelan Government: “We Denounce you as an Assassin of the Venezuel... 16/03/2014 News
Global Research, March 15, 2014 Press TV Venezuela foreign minister slams US secretary of state Venezuela’s foreign minister has slammed US Secretar...View Details»

Iran and Iraq exchanged the dead bodies of war ... 16/03/2014 Military
Tehran / Nina /-- Iraqi authorities handed over on Saturday,to the Iranian counterpart the dead bodies of 95 people who were killed during the eightie...View Details»

Iran beats US in Wrestling World Cup ... 16/03/2014 Sports
TEHRAN, March 16 (MNA) – Iranian National Wrestling Team beat US 5-3 in the third competition of the 2014 Freestlye Wrestling World Cup. The competit...View Details»

Norooz 2014: Celebrating in Los Angeles, CA ... 16/03/2014 Culture
Sarah Afshar, Yahoo Contributor Network Mar 14, 2014 Not only does Norooz mark the first day of Spring, the beginning of the Iranian calendar, it is ...View Details»

Iran’s Latest Tactic Against Islamic State — Send in the Battle Buggie... 16/03/2015 Military
That’s one way to swarm the enemy by GARRETT MCKINNEY SAMPLES The Iraqi push into Tikrit features loads of Iranian weapons. And the pint-size Safir j...View Details»