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Artaxerxes 2. Becomes King... 03/04/404BC History
After death of Dariush 2 Nothus, his son Ashk from queen Parysatis became the new king. His throne name was Artaxerxes 2 Mnemon. But his accession to ...View Details»

Khosrau Parviz Executed... 03/04/628 History
The Iranian king Khosrau Parviz who was imprisoned in the Tisfun palace was executed on this day after a decision by generals, noblemen and his own so...View Details»

Ottomans Declare War... 03/04/1742 History
The third and final phase of clashes between Iran and the Ottomans began after a series of negotiations between the two states were not settled. The O...View Details»

April 3: Gottlieb Daimler patented the first modern engine on this dat... 03/04/1885 Auto
By Justin Hyde When children read about inventors in grade school, they can seem almost omnipotent, often solving problems with superhuman insight. In...View Details»

Kidnapped Iranian Diplomat Released... 03/04/2007 History
Jalal Sharafi, an Iranian diplomat who was taken hostage during a kidnapping in 2007 was released on Tuesday, April, 3 2007, and walked back into the ...View Details»

Persian Gulf VLCC rates hit near-six month low on refinery outages ... 03/04/2014 Economy
Singapore (Platts)--2Apr2014/633 am EDT/1033 GMT VLCC rates on the Persian Gulf to East routes have hit their lowest level in almost six months due t...View Details»

Persian ivy is good shade groundcover -- if you can find it ... 03/04/2014 Nature
Howard Garrett Published: 02 April 2014 Question: Where is a good place to buy Persian ivy? Is it a good time to plant it now? R...View Details»

Iranians avoid bad luck with outdoor festival ... 03/04/2014 Culture
By NASSER KARIMI TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranians flocked to parks rich with the smell of grilled kebabs Wednesday to toss around Frisbees, bat badminto...View Details»

Persian Cleo, the cat tender rage on Instagram ... 03/04/2014 Nature
Want to get rid of tenderness? Meet Cleo Persian, the new cat star Instagram. I adore! No doubt about it: this is the age of viral photos on Instagram...View Details»

Five Republican Supreme Court Justices Want America Ruled by the One P... 03/04/2014 Politics
By: Keith Brekhus April, 2nd, 2014 The McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission ruling which eliminates overall campaign contribution limits, merely ...View Details»