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Median Rebellion Suppressed By Dariush... 08/05/521BC History
When Cyrus the Great overthrew the Median empire in 550 BC, he captured Ecbatana (today's Hamedan). Ecbatana became the summer residence of the Achaem...View Details»

Red Carpet For Fidel Castro... 08/05/2001 History
The iconic Cuban President Fidel Castro was warmly received in Tehran by his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Khatami. Castro was welcomed in grand style...View Details»

Carlos Queiroz names Ashkan Dejagah in 28-man preliminary Iran World C... 08/05/2014 Sports
By NICK MULVENNEY PUBLISHED: , 7 May 2014 Iran coach Carlos Queiroz has named the following 28-man squad for training camps in Tehran and Austria ahea...View Details»

ASI procures Persian inscription on Buddha’s begging bowl ... 08/05/2014 Culture
Vanita Srivastava, Hindustan Times New Delhi, May 07, 2014 Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials have procured impressions of Persian inscri...View Details»

Ramin Djawadi Iranian/German Composer of Game of Thrones Theme Song ... 08/05/2014 People
Ramin Djawadi (Persian: رامین جوادی‎; born July 19, 1974) is an Iranian/German composer of orchestral music for film and television. Djawadi may be be...View Details»

Vladimir Putin's future all-Russian limousine revealed ... 08/05/2014 Auto
By Justin Hyde As the Sochi Olympics and the crisis in the Ukraine demonstrate, Vladimir Putin knows few limits in his drive to strengthen Russia's st...View Details»

Iran Central Bank gets two portions of frozen assets ... 08/05/2014 Economy
The Central Bank of Iran says the fourth and fifth installments of the $4.2-billion blocked funds that were promised as part of an interim nuclear dea...View Details»

Iranian Oil Minister Vows to Keep Increasing Crude Exports ... 08/05/2014 Economy
By Benoît Faucon May 8, 2014 TEHRAN—Iran vowed Thursday to increase its crude exports despite a cap agreed upon with the international community. R...View Details»

Iran reveals 5 GW plans for solar and wind ... 08/05/2014 Economy
08. May 2014 | By: Ian Clover & Hans-Christoph Neidlein At a gathering with delegates at the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, representatives of the Middl...View Details»

External Pressure Hitting Iran-Pakistan Trade ... 08/05/2014 Economy
May 09, 2014 LAHORE -Iranian Governor for Sistan and Baluchistan Ali Osat Hashmi Thursday said that external pressures are hitting Pakistan-Iran bila...View Details»