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Death of Avicenna ... 23/06/1037 History
Avicenna passed away in Hamedan on 23. June, 1037 AD. Ibn Sina (Persian ابن سینا or ابو علی‌ سینا ; August c. 980 – June 1037), commonly known as Ibn ...View Details»

Russians Bombard Iranian Parliament... 23/06/1908 History
Russian cannons bombard the national parliament of Iran. After the death of Mozaffaroddin Shah, his son Mohammad Ali Shah started showing teeth to sup...View Details»

1908 bombardment of the Majlis ... 23/06/1908 History
The 1908 bombardment of the Majlis of Iran took place on 23 June 1908 in Tehran, when the Persian Cossack forces serving the Shah of Persia aided by c...View Details»

Operation Condor: An Era of State Terror Made in Washington, DC ... 23/06/1976 History
The dictatorships and their intelligence services were responsible for tens of thousands of killed and missing people in the period between 1975 and ...View Details»

Iran Trade Sanctions Get Personal In Apple Stores ... 23/06/2012 Internet-IT
An Apple store employee refused to sell an iPad to an Iranian American customer, citing company policy that aims to comply with U.S. sanctions on trad...View Details»

Supreme Leader Blames West for Crisis in Iraq, Opposes Foreign Interve... 23/06/2014 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei took the US and other western powers responsible for the current c...View Details»

‘I’m Not Angry’ wins awards at Shanghai film festival... 23/06/2014 Fun
Acclaimed Iranian film I’m Not Angry directed by Reza Dormishian has swept several awards at the 17th edition of Shanghai International Film Festiva...View Details»

Iran crowned as champion in Indonesia World Karate League... 23/06/2014 Sports
Iran won the title of championship in Indonesia World Karate League by winning seven gold, four silver and five bronze medals. According to IRNA, Jap...View Details»

ˈPomegranate, Fruit of Paradiseˈ nominated for Seoul film festival... 23/06/2014 Fun
Iranian short film “Pomegranate, The Fruit of Paradise” directed by Teymour Qaderi was nominated for the competition section of the Seoul Internationa...View Details»

With Jewels of Allah, Nina Ansary Challenges the History of Women in I... 23/06/2015 Arts
June 22, 2015 By Tess Kessler Books In Jewels of Allah, local author, historian, and activist Nina Ansary celebrates the feminist movement in Iran an...View Details»