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Shah Ismail Is Born... 17/07/1487 History
Shah Ismail, the mastermind of the new glorious Safavid dynasty was born on this day. His father Sultan Heydar was a warrior. In a series of battles b...View Details»

Naser al-Din Shah Qajar is born ... 17/07/1831 History
Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar (16 July 1831 – 1 May 1896) (Persian: ناصرالدین شاه قاجار‎) was the King of Persia from 17 September 1848 to 1 May 1896 when ...View Details»

Russia Pops Up Puppet Shah... 17/07/1911 History
A couple of years after fleeing the country, Mohammad Ali Shah landed near Astarabad on a Russian vessel on July, 17, 1911. The Russian Cossacks, with...View Details»

Majlis Fifteenth Terms Begins... 17/07/1947 History
The 15th Majlis term started on Jul, 17, 1947. Important bills passed by Majlis during this term were: - Resolution disapproving the March 26th ag...View Details»

US must not miss new opportunity to engage with Iran - 17/07/2013 News
Washington Squandering any opportunity for détente has been the norm in US-Iran relations during the past three decades. Iranians missed a major op...View Details»

Economist proposes anti-sanction civil movement... 17/07/2013 News
Said Leilaz said in an interview with Fararoo "Some experts believe that we must not be passive against the waves of sanctions and increasing restrict...View Details»

Iran’s GDP; near $1 trillion or below $500 billion?... 17/07/2013 News
In a meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday, Hosseini said that the prospect of the national economy is promising and hopeful de...View Details»

Foreign Ministry: Straw must start improving relations from London... 17/07/2013 News
Fars news agency reports Abbas Araqchi in his weekly news conference providing comments on recent statements by Jack Straw regarding his willingness t...View Details»

Iran unveils domestically manufactured VTOL drone - JamNews... 17/07/2013 News
The Islamic Republic of Iran has unveiled a domestically manufactured vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial vehicle, which can take phot...View Details»

‘Don’t interact, don’t talk, they are not humans’ - Gitmo guard's basi... 17/07/2013 News
One of the methods used to extract information from Muslim inmates in Guantanamo was to apply sexual interrogation techniques, Terry Holdbrooks, forme...View Details»