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Ali Is Born... 11/10/599 History
Ali, the cousin of Prophet Mohammad was born in Mecca on Friday, Oct, 11, 599. This date is 23 years before the beginning of the Islamic Hijri calenda...View Details»

Vezir Saru Taghi Assassinated... 11/10/1645 History
Vezir Saru Taghi served as regent to Shah Abbas 2. since his accession to the Safavian throne on May, 15, 1642. Shah was a ten year old minor at the t...View Details»

Operation Red Coalition Conspiracy... 11/10/2011 History
(Wikipedia) - On October,11 2011, United States officials alleged there was a plot tied to the Iranian government to assassinate Saudi ambassador Ade...View Details»

Human Rights Watch: Syrian rebels committed war crimes, killed civilia... 11/10/2013 News
BEIRUT — Jihadi-led rebel fighters in Syria killed at least 190 civilians and abducted more than 200 during an offensive against pro-regime villages, ...View Details»

OSCE observers cry foul over ‘seriously flawed’ Azeri election | euron... 11/10/2013 News
A day after Azerbaijan’s election resulted in a landslide victory for President Ilham Aliyev, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe ...View Details»

Goal festival gives Iran u-19 the upper hand... 11/10/2013 News – KERMAN, Inspired by a great captain Sardar Azmoun, Iran thrashed Lebanon 6-1 in AFC u-19 championship qualifying to take the top...View Details»

Oops: Azerbaijan released election results before voting had even star... 11/10/2013 News
By Max Fisher, Published: October 9 at 5:31 pm Azerbaijan's big presidential election, held on Wednesday, was anticipated to be neither free nor fair....View Details»

Should Iran Trust the Great Satan?... 11/10/2013 News
By Steve Weissman, Reader Supported News 10 October 13 The horse trade seemed straightforward from the start. Iran proves to the satisfaction of th...View Details»

NBC/WSJ poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress ... 11/10/2013 News
BY DOMENICO MONTANARO, DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR, NBC NEWS Throw the bums out. That’s the message 60 percent of Americans are sending to Washington in ...View Details»

Intelligence sharing sought with Iran - Pakistan - DAWN.COM... 11/10/2014 Military
By Amir Wasim ISLAMABAD: Pakistan wants an intelligence-sharing mechanism with Iran to combat terrorism in areas along the border and remove mistrust ...View Details»