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Dr. Fatemi Executed... 10/11/1954 History
Hossein Fatemi lived a very active political life. When he was young, he worked as a reporter for the Mard-E-Emrooz newspaper. While he was studying ...View Details»

Iranian Plane Hijacked... 10/11/1970 History
An Iranian twin-jet DC3 plane en route to Bandar Abbas was hijacked over the Persian Gulf. The nine hijackers were identified as criminals who had fle...View Details»

Iran Ratifies Chemical Weapons Pact... 10/11/1997 History
Iran ratifies Chemical Weapons Pact, a treaty banning the production and possession of nerve gas weapons. The treaty subjects Iran to mandatory intern...View Details»

Iranian Passenger Jet Makes Emergency Landing in Beijing, No One Hurt ... 10/11/2013 News
TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iran Air passenger plane made an emergency landing in Beijing International Airport minutes after takeoff, but none of the passengers...View Details»

Mehr News Agency - France’s spanner scuppers nuclear deal... 10/11/2013 Politics
TEHRAN, Nov. 10 (MNA) – As chief diplomats from Iran and the major powers were about to agree on a last-minute draft deal on Iran’s nuclear program, F...View Details»

Iranians win German science awards... 10/11/2013 Science
Two Iranian scholars have been named as winners of the 2013 edition of Germany’s Green Talents Award, Press TV has reported. Ali Kharrazi and Tayebeh ...View Details»

'French FM tries to blackmail Tehran'... 10/11/2013 Politics
Iranian lawmakers have accused the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of trying to "blackmail" Tehran over its nuclear program. According to Press...View Details»

US, France playing good cop-bad cop in Iran talks — RT Op-Edge... 10/11/2013 Politics
America and France are playing ‘good cop-bad cop’ in the P5 + 1 talks with Iran over its nuclear program, so that Washington’s position would sound mo...View Details»

Iranian President Rouhani: Iran will not give up nuclear rights - Midd... 10/11/2013 Politics
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said his country will not give up the right to enriching uranium, in his first comments since talks broke down wi...View Details»

Iran tests waters for Western investment in oil exports - The Washingt... 10/11/2013 Economy
By Steven Mufson, Sunday, November 10 While Iran has been engaging in nuclear diplomacy with Western powers, it has also been attempting to engage in ...View Details»