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Princess Leyla Pahlavi Is Born... 27/03/1970 History
Born to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 50, the Shah of Iran, and Queen Farah, 31, on March, 27, 1970, Princess Leyla Pahlavi made the headlines as the fourth c...View Details»

Assassination of Teymur Bakhtiar ... 12/08/1970 History
Iranian general and the founder and head of SAVAK Teymur Bakhtiar was shot and killed by an Iranian Savak agent on 12 August 1970, during a hunting pa...View Details»

Iranian Plane Hijacked... 10/11/1970 History
An Iranian twin-jet DC3 plane en route to Bandar Abbas was hijacked over the Persian Gulf. The nine hijackers were identified as criminals who had fle...View Details»