Over 1,000 Militants Surrender To Syrian Army In Last 24 Hours...
mintpressnews.com08/10/2015 Military
The development came after President Bashar al-Assad in a televised address in July pardoned all soldiers who have fled the army, saying that his wor...»»»

Negareh: Egypt Mohammad Reza Fouziyeh Nazli.jpg...
1host2u.ir01/01/2012 Media
Pahlavi Prince Mohammad Reza with his future wife Princess Fouziyeh of Egypt and his mother-in-law Nazli on a trip in Egypt. On March 15, 1939 their w...»»»

Prince Of Persia Marries Egyptian Fawzia...
1host2u.ir15/03/1939 History
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was the crown prince at the time married princess Fouziyeh, the daughter of king Fuad of Egypt. Because the Pahlavi family d...»»»