The Zoroastrians’ Future? ...
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Darius I stele found in southern Russia may become world sensation ...
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Archeologists doing excavations in the area of the antique town of Phanagoria in the Temryuk district of Russia’s southern Krasnodar Territory have di...»»»

Sophist Kings: Persians as Others in Herodotus, by Vernon L. Provencal... Arts
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Iran Unveils Book on Ancient Persian Empire- Farsnews...
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TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry unveiled a book titled ‘A Glance at the Glorious Empire of Pars’ on Monday. The book was unveiled in a cere...»»»

Happy Yalda, Merry Christmas ...
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The Persians -by the Greek tragedian Aeschylus ...
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The Persians (Ancient Greek: Πέρσαι, Persai, Latinised as Persae) is an ancient Greek tragedy written during the Classical period of Ancient Greece by...»»»

Yalda Night; What's This Iranian Tradition All About? ...
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A Lesson From Iranian King Xerxes: Risks and Mistakes ...
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Kalam Polo Shirazi Persian dinner set to benefit Iranian student » Li...
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BY NANCY ALLEN Special to the Record-Eagle Traverse City Record-Eagle My immigrant mother taught me that there is no better way to enjoy life than...»»»