Iran signs contract for RO-RO ramp at Caspian Sea port...
msn.com09/09/2019 Economy
Authorities said on Saturday that Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarter (KACH) would start building the RO-RO ramp in the Caspian Port Complex, lo...»»»

Caspian seals population shrinking alarmingly...
tehrantimes.com31/08/2019 Nature
TEHRAN – Caspian seals, the sole marine mammals inhabiting the Caspian Sea, have faced a sharp decline in population over the past three decades, push...»»»

Iran ship sinks off Azerbaijan in Caspian Sea, crew rescued...
msn.com28/07/2019 News
An Iranian-flagged ship has sunk off Azerbaijan's eastern coast in the Caspian Sea, according to reports in the Azerbaijani media and local officials ...»»»

Scenic Road 59, the Most Popular Route in #Iran...
en.wikipedia.org16/07/2019 Fun
Road 59, also known as the Chaloos Road (Persian: جاده چالوس‎) or Kandovan Road (جاده کندوان), is an important road for people of Tehran, a large numb...»»»

How Iran Was Swindled Out Of $3.2 Trillion ...
oilprice.com15/06/2019 Economy
Jun 13, 2019, Underlying the one-year anniversary in mid-August of the signing of the ‘Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea’ is one of t...»»»

Iranian food, like the country, is misunderstood, says cookbook author...
msn.com01/05/2019 Cuisine
By Susan Jung When I told friends that I was going on holiday to Iran, those who had already been said I'd be tired of the food within a few days, an...»»»

Iran floods: Mass evacuations amid fresh flood warnings ...
aljazeera.com07/04/2019 Nature
Fresh flooding may affect 400,000 people in southern Iran, officials say, after 70 people were killed by rising waters. by Saeed Jalili Tehran, Iran ...»»»

Iranian state TV: Helicopter crash kills 5 in western Iran...
msn.com06/03/2019 Auto
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's state TV is reporting that five people were killed after a rescue helicopter crashed in the country's western province of Chahar...»»»

The people have not forgotten me: the exiled Empress of Iran interview... People
The widow of the Shah of Iran was painted by Warhol and assembled the greatest collection of art outside of Europe. She talks to Will Heaven about the...»»»

Iran sanctions herald energy trouble for Caucasus nations ...
eurasianet.org11/11/2018 Economy
Azerbaijan is in the most complicated position, as it has plans to jointly develop shared oil and gas fields with Iran. David O’Byrne Nov 8, 2018 *** ...»»»