Negareh: Alavian Hasan Bin Zeyd Silver Coin.jpg...
1host2u.ir01/01/2012 Media
Silver Coin of Hasan Bin Zeyd, the founder of the Alavian Dynasty in Tabarestan.After defeating rulers of the Taherian Dynasty, they supported the Dey...»»»

Negareh: Espahbodan Dynasty Espahbod Farkhan Silver Coin
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Silver Coin with portrait of Espahbod Farkhan, first ruler of Espahbodan Dynasty mint Tabarestan. He was a grandson of Gil Gilanshah who ruled over Gi...»»»

Maziar Executed In Samara...
1host2u.ir03/07/839 History
Maziar was the ruler of Mazandaran province from Espahbodan family. Mazandaran was probably the only state in Iran that the Caliphates could not fully...»»»